/u/P4wnyhof is very positive!

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0.9756 Stick to the nice people :) With millions people watching twitch there are alot of nice people to be honest :D Good luck with your streaming Stargater! Cheers, P4wny
0.9671 Well sometimes it seems like that :) And sometimes it is just the plain truth and people want to share some awesome decks ;) Choose what you want to believe :D
0.9611 but well you gotta like laptop keyboards thou :D! Good Luck on finding a fitting one! Cheers, P4wny
0.9479 Hey man, great video Nr.10 made my day :D So i will just shut up and keep on doing what iam doing! Thank you for starting my day with a smile, cheers P4wnyhof
0.9459 Loved the video :) Apple on head was best scene xP You could easylie make more of that series to entertain people!
0.944 Hey, really happy about your success :) It is always a great experience to grow and meet new people! Webcam makes 100% a difference.
0.9403 Dammit Talodin, i will use your starting sentence in alot of answers to peoples questions now :D That was a really catchy one good job on that and great answer. Cheers, P4wny
0.9385 that game is highly addicting and easy to play with 2 people on 1 pc :) Enjoy the day with your girlfriend and dont forget to buy her flowers Cheers, P4wnyhof
0.9333 Hearthstone like me) you can grow "faster" by delivering great content in Form of interesting decks or really high ranked plays + excelling Youtube Videos. As a variety broadcaster well...
0.9324 Nothing goes over gaming with the partner if you both enjoy it! Good luck there and hope i could help, P4wnyhof
0.9291 Great Idea my friend wanted to do the same actually :D You could play Blobby Volley with her...

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.7777 Stupid german brain spelling things wrong!
-0.7677 O_O Dude i didn't know! Thanks alot for posting this :O Gotta be carefull with those windows updates!
-0.75 Hell jeah iam a fan ill stay!
-0.6996 Grommash = Second Unstable or Dread Corsair!
-0.6975 dont enforce it or you wont be happy :) If you always where a cap maybe caps might be your thing!
-0.6975 If you manage to get spotify on board i will so hardcore abuse it until it breaks apart ;)!
-0.6597 Putting on Delay just destroys the live feeling and the interaction with the streamer.
-0.6249 Hey man, before believing the worst in people.
-0.6239 Hey! Nr 1 Advice: Dont let stream snipers ruin your life experience.
-0.6239 -.- ffs brain!
-0.5719 Thats actually insanity.
-0.5267 Stupid things out there.