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0.891 I've actually made some pretty good friends that I still talk to and play games with today.
0.765 Pics like this remind me how great Fallout 4 looks IMO.
0.7579 Air Force the Armys best friend in any fight could be driven from local skies by Russian air defenses extending over all of the Baltic states, most of Poland and most of Ukraine.
0.7269 Can I just enjoy a console screenshot without being told PC is better?
0.6369 I sure hope so...
0.5859 Comparisons of NATO and Russian military forces typically reflect huge numerical advantages for the alliance in personnel and equipment.
0.4404 If the Strykers are not up-gunned and provided with better protection fast, Russian forces would roll right over them.
0.4215 I didn't see it at first lol.
0.4019 Japan has been interested in the F-22 ever since its first flight in 97.
0.3818 Putin got the message Washington was focused elsewhere, and proceeded to annex parts of Ukraine in 2014.
0.3818 Armys own logistical challenges would be huge given the misguided decision to draw down permanently-stationed forces.

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-0.8402 Armys task tougher in a future European war, would be by refusing to attack military bases or forces on Russian territory.
-0.765 Some allies might argue that would escalate the conflict to a level where Moscow has long said it could contemplate the use of nuclear weapons.
-0.7579 Losing such a war would drastically reshape the geopolitical balance in Europe, and reduce U.S.
-0.7579 influence there to its lowest ebb since before World War Two.
-0.7096 So Americas Army is poised for defeat in a European war.
-0.5574 The Army is starved for resources, getting only two days of federal funding each year about $22 billion for new equipment.
-0.5423 However the ban in 06 prevented that so they instead begun work on the [X-2] which just had its first flight this year.
-0.5302 Despite Russias well-known weaknesses in logistics, there would be little to stop a quick westward advance in much of the region, and the U.S.
-0.5267 Army planners believe they may have to fight a near-peer adversary within five years.
-0.5106 However, after fighting enemies like the Taliban for the last 15 years, the Army is gravely deficient in air defenses, electronic warfare, precision firepower and adequately protected vehicles.
-0.4939 But because no one in NATO capitals could know for sure when they were approaching Moscows nuclear threshold, restraints would be imposed on Army tactics that might lead to defeat.
-0.4767 Russian bases in the Baltic enclave of Kaliningrad and the Black Sea port of Sevastopol would make it dangerous to introduce U.S.