/u/Osha15 is very positive!

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Most Positive Sentences

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0.9559 Good Luck To Everyone c: I hope everyone has an exciting and fun time with the tournament :3
0.9488 :D Edit: I am Hispanic, if anyone was wondering Highlight: Won a moles game yesterday, very nice :P
0.8979 I hope you get better soon, my friend <3
0.8842 Ty For Playing :D <3
0.8766 Join the community a year to two years ago, very nice and amazing community that has formed and will keep growing.
0.873 Good Luck To Everyone :D
0.8588 It is very interesting indeed my friend :3
0.8481 Good Luck To Everyone Who Applies :3
0.8128 Very nice :D
0.8128 Very Nice :D
0.8121 Very Nice Indeed :D

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.7615 Yes, i was going to be for today, but sadly i have to study for test and stuff ;-; , sorry for any inconvenience ;-;
-0.3182 Sorry guys, i have to cancel ;-;
-0.25 Need to cancel ;-; Due to issues ;-;
-0.1603 With this he doesn't just help catch hackers from his games, but from many different servers around the community.
-0.1531 Sorry Guys, Due to Technically Issues I won't be able to Hosting Today, Sorry ;-;
-0.0772 Oh sorry didn't see your game
-0.0772 Sorry didn't see it on time ;-;
-0.0258 Plus I know he would make the correct, unbiased, and accurate voting for the many cases that will presented in time.
0.0 Oops, *[Finale] ;-;
0.0 Sadly this is true ;-;
0.0 What type of cookies?
0.0 didn't see it on time ;-;