/u/Orlyborly is kind of a dick.

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0.8143 I had super religious aunt tell me that KISS stood for Knights in Satan's Service .
0.765 Is it honest to call CNN or WaPo free press?
0.7003 And if I did know a guy like that, I would make fun of him and hit on his wife.
0.6908 You're confusing free speech with the 1st Am Free speech and PC are concepts
0.6597 She takes her orders like every good Democrat politician does.
0.6557 Found and reported at least 2 other active service members so far that shared his ideology.
0.5859 That guy sure does like sixes and nines
0.5574 The governor himself came out and said Aid workers are doing a fantastic job.
0.5574 He was rich.
0.5434 Thought it was some kind of miracle http://imgur.com/a/HXrUd
0.5267 I've seen what Google and YouTube are doing to the internet in the name of social justice.

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-0.9152 It's more the fact that someone was raped and all of you idiots are more offended by words about the rapist.
-0.8591 You might think you're fighting some kind of spiritual war by silencing those opinions, in reality you're just sitting around in your underwear cringing at mean words that make you uncomfortable
-0.8176 My bigotry and disgusting racism?
-0.802 Show me your post where you argued so passionatly against the rape and I'll conceed
-0.7783 And here comes another white person to defend other white people with cries of racism
-0.6908 Islamic rape gangs
-0.6705 How would keeping the ban on silencers have stopped this?
-0.6249 Why is disaster preparedness for an island Trump's responsibility and not that of the local gov?
-0.6124 I was being tongue and cheek, but now I see that you really do think the rapist should be protected from mean words
-0.6115 That's fucking retarded
-0.5859 They've been running a bullshit campaign of disinformation and yellow journalism for over a year
-0.5859 Wtf is the dailydot?