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0.9273 but yeah to each their own, Hope you had a great trip, maybe next time i will spend more days too!
0.9169 Thx for your inspiration, its pretty hard to find a good way between damage and tankyness, i agree :)
0.893 Your Tips are really helpful, you probably convinced me going alone), looking forward to my trip, hopefully you will have an enjoyable trip aswell!
0.8801 I really would like to just take a good picture and then maybe enjoy the cool landscape and return to Tokyo in early afternoon.
0.8755 Hey, Can you tell me where in Japan this beautiful place is? Awesome work btw!
0.8658 Its nice to hear that it doesnt take a whole day, because i can spent even more time in Tokyo itself, which is great ;) One question: Was it worth the money?
0.8625 Wow, seems like a lot of fun you both had.
0.8251 I dont come from an area that have those, so i am kinda scared and i think the end of sept is too late for me, but its good to hear that you both had alot of fun!
0.8074 Thank you very much, i will try to do this on a sunny day :)
0.7891 I think you can actually fall in love with her, because she doesnt hurt you or the relationship doesnt seem toxic at all.
0.7845 nice to hear, that you had a great trip :).

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-0.6575 "Why are you not talking, are you mad?!" because i said nothing for 5 minutes. Yep now i am mad and not talking to you.
-0.5859 Wtf he was basically in the wall of Azir
-0.34 Unfortunately i will be doing himeji castle at the end of my trip in august.
-0.2928 thx for the suggestion! Do you think i got enough ES % from the tree, also is block not that strong overall or just with CI?Faster ES recharge is out now, thx for the tip!
-0.1839 They are not really playing like they played in summer split, i dont know what happened
-0.0572 I think Fuji is out of the race at this point, because i dont think i want to climb it.
-0.0516 Hey, thx for the suggestion, the only problem that i have with sept is the Typhoon thing.
0.0 bc they are also part of the matchup.
0.0 http://imgur.com/Ogad8jj
0.0 German government - managing refugees.
0.0 It is the trademark of PYL
0.0 I am from europe, so at home i guess...