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0.872 How brave, how noble," I spat. "Has this world grown so fat on my glory that hesitation is a virtue, now?" He grinned smugly.
0.8605 Simple can be a lot of fun in my experience, but _zero_ in my experience always devolved into a nightmare at certain points. Not to say it wasn't fun!
0.8555 But he doesn't _have_ to, and if the other players through great deeds become nobles during the course of the game, they can ultimately basically get the Advantage he paid for for free.
0.849 "You sound less than happy about it..." I cut him off. "First was a great tower to reach up to the heavens.
0.802 It was super fun.
0.7906 I think the way Mutants and Masterminds handles wealth is brilliant for a superhero game, just doesn't work for a fantasy game. Edit: Also MnM requires you to work a lot with players during chargen.
0.7889 His pride is a weakness.) Plus it does a really good job of putting him up with only his cleverness against enemies with seemingly much more OP abilities.
0.7506 The fortress like Isphus said would have the height advantage and be able to carry larger cannon and mortar in better defended emplacements.
0.743 Like the winner is already decided.
0.7284 You do if she screams at you and lies, jeopardizing your safety to safeguard her pride in a talent she doesn't possess. Seriously?
0.7269 I'd say you got lucky to be honest.

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-0.9732 They had taught, first and foremost, that suffering led to suffering, hatred to hatred, death to death.
-0.9657 If you hate trans people and are willing to kill trans people for being trans, you're more likely to try some bullshit like that again versus someone who hated his ex wife and killed her.
-0.959 If no, fuck off." Which means if his hands are cold, dead, or cold and dead you can take his gun. ...Shit you could take his guns if he accidentally falls asleep on his hands, too.
-0.9231 You think we couldn't scrounge up another 3% No government wants its people to starve, that's a recipe for violence and disaster.
-0.8979 Assaults are usually suicide unless you vastly outnumber and outgun your foe.
-0.891 Only the stone remained. It was quiet for a pause. "Will you not come-" The girl spun, her face as twisted in rage as the broken city in death.
-0.8834 The idea behind a hate crime being worse from MY understanding is that you're more likely to do it again.
-0.8625 To answer slaughter with slaughter, according to the monks, was to fight a fire by throwing oil upon it. That same day the Tyrant Lord died of disease, heirless and alone.
-0.8519 The monks were weak, and in their weakness they had died.
-0.8402 "You're here to kill me?" he asked, his voice weary. I had no answer.
-0.8074 You also get fucked it, for example, you block it from one side and then three months later it's circled around the continent and is hitting you from the other side.