/u/Ohjohnboy is kind of a dick.

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0.6759 "Ah-yeaght-mauhp who?" "Repeat....Google..?", breathed Caleb. The Google boomed, "Ah-yeaght-mauhp who!" "Yes, yes you do" Caleb chuckled.
0.6705 "Welcome Caleb, what would you like to search today?", the machine boomed.
0.5267 On top was a clear panel displaying a white picture with the letters "Google" written out.
0.4588 How? "Welcome back Mr.
0.3612 It had been like that for several days, Caleb thought with concern.
0.2714 Unbelievable!
0.25 Require surame to complete search query." Caleb listened, for his vision had faded.
0.204 No matter, he had to focus, to gather what little strength remained in his gnareled body.
0.0516 Then a banner would unravel, stating 'Happy 2361st Fuck You Day'.
0.0 Name incomplete.
0.0 Word takes linguisitc shape of a name.

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.6908 Every breath was forced in and stolen out. "Awating inquiry" the Google droned impatiently. Caleb mustered up his remaining strength.
-0.6486 It was dead silent.
-0.6369 Ah, thought Caleb, it must have me mistaken for someone else. The Google continued, its loud drone echoing off the decaying walls.
-0.6124 She misses you." Caleb thought he heard a touch of disdain in that last statement. "Oh mightly Google, I have just one question", Caleb groaned.
-0.5574 And then he died.
-0.5267 He heard no scurrying of rodents, no buzzing of flies, not even a quiet breeze.
-0.4767 Old and broken tile crunched beneath his feet as he went.
-0.4404 He was getting weaker now.
-0.4389 Berdmont, what is the surname of 'Ah-yeaght-mauhp'?" Caleb waited, taking what he knew was his last breath. "Caleb!" The Google sounded annoyed now.
-0.4215 "You have 32,4546,667,345 unread messages." A quick scan of your personal records indicate that you are due for an appointment for your erectile dysfunction.
-0.296 "Ah-yeaght-mauhp". The Google blinked and hummed in confusion.
-0.296 "Question not recognized." "Using personal data to reform question." "Invalid." "Using personal data of all human race to reform question." Caleb found he could no longer lift his head.