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0.9325 :3 It's nice to see that someone else is celebrating the first of October too, it's like an unofficial holiday for me.
0.9324 I love a nice aged Fuding white from time to time , I'd love a cake like this!
0.9323 Love that teacup! Seems like a wonderful way to welcome the coming of Autumn!
0.9279 I don't know a ton about you, of course, but I have a GOOD feeling you'll really like White2tea https://white2tea.com/ edit: I personally recommend shou pu-erh
0.9118 Ideally, /r/tea can be a happy place where people are treated kindly and protected from the scammers that are so prevalent in our industry.
0.8999 This was a great little write up, I had fun reading it and it seemed you had a lot of fun there too!
0.8996 Enjoy, friend! I personally think pu-erh is the most rewarding of the teas to explore!
0.8834 Always gotta break out my best shou pu-erh for the rewatches of my favorites :3
0.8765 I love their fuding white , and I've never gotten a bad oolong from them. Honestly though, I think they are lacking in the pu-erh department.
0.8687 That is a cute teapot you have :3 Enjoy your tea!
0.8658 I think if you threw some fresh veggies and ramen noodles in this it'd make a great soup :3

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-0.7003 Teavana is about as bad as you can do with loose leaf, at least I've heard from others.
-0.6818 While I don't personally like that taste, it's not always an indicator of bad green tea.
-0.6486 I never rinse my shou pu-erh and I've been dead for fucking YEARS now.
-0.6114 The horror!
-0.5574 Some are nasty cold.
-0.5423 You stab right into the side of it with a pu-erh knife/pick, and break off what you want, then make the tea as usual.
-0.5346 I wish I had a group to share tea with here, but alas, tea is a lonely thing for me.
-0.4767 Green tea suffers a whole lot from being ground up into dust for tea bags.
-0.4588 I'm jealous.
-0.4215 Amazon is bad news for tea.
-0.4199 I'll repost my anime pairing comment here for the lazy!
-0.4019 Is is just to cover up the bitterness of the tea dust from bags?