/u/ObeseMoreece is kind of a dick.

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0.8724 Though now that I think of it his head may well have swung in to the door frame but it didn't have time to pick up a lot of speed so good chance that he didn't do anything serious to his head.
0.8225 If you have a decent tech advantage then you can come out on top with smaller numbers. Even better if you have a big retinue with a good composition.
0.8173 It's statistically the cleanest and safest form of energy and is absolutely ideal for use as a baseload power source (i.e.
0.7184 When they had good generals they could easily attack armies twice their size and win.
0.705 Just because some benefit more than others does not mean it's a bad system. Edit: a word
0.7017 Why keep adding them?" then you'd free a point but he did more than that, he explained what criteria she didn't fill in spite of her being picked.
0.6946 It sort of helps in this situation though, it means he doesn't have to waste as much non-food tiles on farms and allows him to further focus on energy .
0.6908 Tourism is an added bonus and there's no denying that there is attraction from the fact that the attractions are still in use by the Royal family.
0.6808 They are making real progress and are doing it at an astounding rate.
0.6597 A sharp vintage cheddar beats it any day. Mozzarella isn't supposed to have a strong flavour, it's used because it picks up flavours well from surrounding food.
0.6486 Downvoted for actually giving examples of suitable female leaders, good job /r/civ.

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-0.8979 That's one attack, how does one attack prove that trucks kill more than guns?
-0.8957 Hell, in exchange for independence for Czechoslovakia, an army called the Czechoslovakian Legion fought Communists in the civil war and even ended up controlling most of the trans-Siberian railway.
-0.8957 If you're using shitty mozzarella and/or shitty sauce then it'll taste shit.
-0.8689 You used to be reasonable about this stuff, now any argument about a female leader being a bad choice is ignored regardless of whether it is a reasonably made argument or not.
-0.8689 Stalin was a vile piece of shit who had an itchy ethnic cleansing trigger finger
-0.8555 His shoulder will hurt like hell and maybe be damaged though.
-0.836 Just because communists are sick of hearing the argument doesn't make it invalid, they should go about proving it wrong first.
-0.8225 Not using a tray or even foil was just sheer dumbassery from you . edit: Wait a fucking minute, why do so much people here do this stupid shit?
-0.7906 Probably because you're a lying sack of shit.
-0.7783 To separate themselves from the cultures that they could not conquer, how in the hell is that comparable to dominating yourself over multiple ethnic groups?
-0.6996 The Fins would have killed them all! ^^^^^^/s
-0.6908 It goes: 0-39 = Fail 40-49 = D 50-59 = C 60-69 = B 70+ = A Average tends to be Upper C lower B.