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0.9042 Thank you for sharing your story and I wish you and your family all the best for the future.
0.9029 I'm not a Christian but let's pray the DEA will never ban Kratom, even though I don't live in the US. I'm amazed by how many peoples lives are changed by Kratom.
0.9018 Great! Definitely going to give that one a try. To me it's so interesting how different strains have such a different effect on people, good to hear that you've found a strain that works for you :).
0.8934 Haha great picture, had a laugh.
0.891 Great idea for a game, and looks pretty impressive for a one man job.
0.8828 It sounds like a great way of telling her that I want to be more than friends without sounding too..
0.8549 Great, you guys have good prices too. Will be ordering from you from the future, saw your site before but you didn't have any strains I was interested in.
0.838 That's really clever and awesome!
0.8225 Wow, that's amazing :).
0.8134 For me, white strains are good for energy and motivation, green are a little more relaxing.
0.8085 Luckily my diet and exercise have been going really well and haven't suffered.

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-0.8477 I know people usually say this when someone is annoyed with something small, but OCD can actually be a very severe and life changing disorder.
-0.8397 It might sound a bit selfish, but I was kind of shocked and afraid to lose her .
-0.743 I usually take a white strain for when I go to college, and green for social evens/parties, when I have a high chance of a panic attack or anxiety.
-0.6652 I just want to be happy and live a "normal" life but I could easily hinder that by making dumb decisions that will only hurt me.
-0.6249 So, especially over the last week, I've had a dozen moments where my mood was the worst it's ever been since I started medication 1,5 years ago.
-0.5859 Wtf dad since when are you on Reddit
-0.5267 Dont ruin the fun :(
-0.5216 I also told her that I wasn't in love with her .
-0.5106 And then one of them whips his dick out and starts jerking it.
-0.4976 I don't want to wait too long, it might ruin my chances of being in a relationship with her.
-0.4588 This will be the picture I'll be looking at when I feel down and hopeless.
-0.3182 Now that's a cool laptop, I have a Toshiba from the same era but I don't think it works anymore, or I've lost the adapter.