/u/Nytimeseditor is kind of a dick.

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0.7964 Any other beautiful subtropical international American cities we can move to and save money?
0.7904 $50/ sq ft up north. Buying a house is not easy, but it is better than paying a landlord to profit off of you, and is potentially much cheaper long-term than renting.
0.4404 Are there any truly anonymous coins then?
0.4019 They need to clean house.
0.4019 We have a weird thing where very expensive real estate butts up against Liberty City.
0.368 FYI the last paragraph about Winston etc.
0.3182 What's your solution?
0.1779 Miami is not crumbling, it's one of the fastest growing cities in the US.
0.1603 I've never had a problem before, but this is a big one.
0.0516 Not sure that's front page news no matter how you spin it.
0.0258 Its a matter of perspective and definition, and it's a talking point being repeated right now for political effect, nothing more.

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-0.8271 Worst place to live if you have a shitty job?
-0.8047 Everyone knows this department is rotten and filled with the worst kind of officer, but this seems insane to me.
-0.7783 Sadly, the Times must be defended more and more these days for poor editorial decisions, hackneyed writing, nonexistent fact-checking, and obsessive shit-brained reporting.
-0.7003 It could crash tomorrow and you'd still be wrong.
-0.6326 Ah, so you are incapable of offering even one solution to the problem you spent all night whining about.
-0.6249 Worst place to live?
-0.5994 No one was injured and the student returned.
-0.5719 It's 100% gentrified, another thing people on this sub seem to hate.
-0.4215 Once people finally convince Overtown to move elsewhere, you'll only get to bitch about gentrification.
-0.3944 Welcome to real life. So I take it you don't have a solution, just anger?
-0.3818 It's embarrassing for journalism.
-0.3612 Ridiculous compared to what?