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0.9669 I still don't know if she's a German Shepherd for sure, but what I do know is that she is an awesome pup, so so good and loves the cuddles!
0.9636 :) The Steele one looks just like a friend of mine :P Great job :D
0.9356 :D :D :D Congrats!!!!
0.8962 :D I sent her the link, I'm sure she'll love it!
0.8957 I know there's a good one in my city :) But for now she is so so good :)
0.8816 This is her twitter :) https://twitter.com/Eleanor_SBL/status/830856399978713088 She also made plenty of another awesome Borderlands cosplays apart from Janey :P
0.8802 This is truly amazing, thanks a lot!!
0.873 :) Thanks :D
0.8625 :) I will do it in a few days, I want her to trust me completely first :)
0.861 Oh, wow, those two are so so pretty!
0.8565 I really want to make it, it's an amazing design :D

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-0.7712 Apart from doing the diet 100% with no cheats, I specifically avoided the foods that trigger me!
-0.3595 No I don't!
-0.3595 Also I avoid specific foods that trigger me!
-0.34 If cutting unhealthy foods 100% works for you like it did for me, do it.
-0.2263 and it can be even worse, since food is everywhere, and you need to eat for, you know, surviving and stuff :P.
0.0 You have it everywhere!
0.0 I think it's my favourite both ingame and design-wise, but the ninja is also epic!
0.0 I think I can make it without rushing it in around 2-3 weeks max?
0.0 I have a few cons in the following weeks, but I'll try to make it in August!
0.0 Yessss let's do this, make Fortnite cosplay a thing!
0.0 Si te haces un subreddit para ti avisa para seguirlo!
0.0 I'll have that in mind!