/u/NotQuiteASecretAcct is very positive!

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0.9719 Looks like an awesome outfit and I love the last pic- great angle of a lovely kissable bum!
0.963 I would add some awesome applause gif and tell you how gutsy that was, but I'm just gonna say wow that's amazing and watch it again lol!
0.933 Yeah I can see why, but I think it's your dang gorgeous bum that makes them great!
0.92 Wonderful angle, I'd love to have a taste of your beautiful bum!
0.908 I love these pics of your beautiful kissable bum!
0.906 I love the lipstick, and you have a lovely kissable bum!
0.906 Great reveal of a beautiful kissable bum!
0.8955 Amazing legs and a beautifully kissable bum!
0.8885 A gorgeous delicious cookie lol.
0.8718 That is a lucky thong because you have a lovely kissable bum!
0.8687 Lovely, thanks for sharing!

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-0.5551 I'm totally jealous of that outfit!
-0.4314 Who could say no to that offer?!?
0.0 Not nearly enough!
0.0 Could watch over and over again!
0.0 Indeed it is!
0.0 I always thought that pose called out for kisses...
0.0 That really is hypnotizing!
0.0 Looks delish!
0.0 Very commanding.
0.0 The feminization and control, and the mommy thing...
0.0 Hypnotizing!
0.0 shycdsub77@hotmail.com