/u/Normiesmustpay is kind of a dick.

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0.9042 I knew a guy in high school who was friendly, sociable, relaxed, and generally good company.
0.8519 Ah yes, the tale of the short and fat chad. It's hilarious how the people here claim moral superiority while behaving like animals in heat.
0.8264 Between 4 and 6 you aren't really doomed, although you can become an incel in the right circumstance. The real cope in the op is believing that 8+ men live great lives.
0.8122 I'm sure the prime specimens on this fine board would be incredibly successful.
0.7845 Saying "you need to treat me like a special little princess because I have a vagina" is.
0.7096 It's pretty hilarious actually.
0.7003 It just isn't in human nature to create a system in which people are happy.
0.6948 This isn't a place to post your fucking "look at me I'm so happy" posts.
0.6586 It's interesting how sexually successful people don't necessarily behave like you'd expect them to, huh?
0.6541 I don't have any motivation to do anything but LDAR, but I have so much free time that I can just half-heartedly do my work and eventually get it done.
0.6369 Once you understand how people function and the reality of human relationships, you just stop caring either way, since you know that you'll never be able to enjoy those things even if you got them.

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-0.8985 So shut the fuck up about stupid memes or get the fuck off of the sub.
-0.8961 But incels are the evil people who say bad things and don't care about others!
-0.8873 Maybe I overreacted, but calling yourself a decent person while admitting to cheating annoys me.
-0.8779 I curse our weak and pathetic nature every day.
-0.872 Except they fucked and bore the children of bad men.
-0.8658 This is why marital abuse and date rapes never happen.
-0.8658 Acting aloof and arrogant to mask the fact that you're a pathetic, insecure little slug.
-0.8625 Why should you be forced to suffer every fucking day because somebody else will be sad once you depart.
-0.8537 When I was a teen this shit was brutal.
-0.8402 There are people whose lives are absolutely destroyed by things less severe than what you experienced, and blaming them for not being able to fix themselves isn't right.
-0.8271 Fuck people who party, they're loud and obnoxious cunts.
-0.8176 I dislike lazy, stupid people.