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0.9349 I did think Coop's remark to Bobby was surprisingly scathing, but then later in the series he's spot-on with Harry's love for Josie, and Big Ed's love for Norma.
0.92 I love that it seems very balanced, too - to me it doesn't smell masculine or feminine, but still super attractive. Uh oh!
0.9186 I love seeing the creative output this show inspires :)
0.9001 I love seeing which perfumes people are drawn to, scent is such a subjective thing and it's cool to see the different "styles" we all like :)
0.8979 I ordered Never Again, Exploding Heart, and Lexington - they all look like nice, rich colors for the cooler months :)
0.8718 I think I do like Native's formula better and I love their Coconut & Vanilla scent!
0.8715 As always, YMMV, but I really enjoy the little cloud of scent I get from these Thanks so much for the info about the upcoming restock, I'll have to set a reminder!
0.8587 I hope I didn't ruin The Weird Sisters for you, haha.
0.8557 I found their original formula to be irritating as well, but the sensitive skin option works just as well and doesn't bother my skin, in case you're ever looking for an alternative :)
0.8555 If you have Hulu you should definitely check it out, its such a perfect autumn/Halloween miniseries :)
0.85 Sometimes lavender fades super quickly on my skin, and cinnamon can often become amped over everything else, but with this perfume everything feels perfectly balanced.

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-0.8555 Maybe his tears at present were more to do with how dark a time that was in his life, what with killing a dude for fake drugs and all.
-0.7269 I think it's possible that Bobby may have loved Laura at some point, but maybe that wasn't how he felt when they were investigating her murder.
-0.6825 I ordered a sample of it based on others saying it smelled like peach and vanilla - on my skin theres no peach whatsoever, just this sinister, dark green mossy scent!
-0.5411 Dude I seriously had to google search "Haus Gloi search website" in order to pull these up, how ridiculous is that?!
-0.5267 Same, my stupid face is dry as heck and I can't deal anymore.
-0.522 It was surprisingly difficult to make him look wide-eyed but not creepy, haha.
-0.4404 It's not coming up on their mobile site for me for some reason :(
-0.4019 Kind of regretting that I only got these two in the smaller size bottles
-0.3182 I would be disappointed to see anyone other than Tony Hale playing that iteration of Wally.
-0.2919 I'm not a perfumer so I could be wrong about this, but I've always assumed that any newly listed perfumes are going to be freshly-made, unless indicated otherwise in the notes/description.
-0.2732 This isn't even the first time a white lady's been disguised as an Asian person on this show.
-0.2263 I got about 15 minutes in before I realized something seemed off, and noticed that I'd forgotten to turn the subtitles on.