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0.9493 i like creating custom quests for people, but mini games are a bit easier to set up and a gaming area should be awesome :)
0.9447 At first i thought oh, 5 minutes is quite short, but that little shaders tour was really nice :) Cool that you made something like this, it captures the humble beginnings of the server..
0.9425 Remember that this is a JOKE video, and so is most of the content in it ;) <3 Hopefully though we tought Beef to NOT BUILD NOR MERCHANDISE with Diorite!"* < so it seems to be save somewhere :)
0.9311 Hey Duc, Xicon here :D I clicked the first picture and was like, wait, i know that build - and then saw the username :) You really have some amazing ideas and building skills!
0.9246 cool building ideas, great style, good redstoner, just an awesome allrounder to watch..
0.9186 I love Xisuma's streams for that, especially his "deep streams" ;) It's a nice way to get to know the Hermits better, since they share a lot more personal opinions in streams than in videos..
0.91 At first i thought huh, that's a bit much for a welcoming gift Iskall, but the Diorite Clean 2000 is a nice idea ;)
0.9052 Some really nice prediction plays, the Ez and Shyv catches were great to watch!
0.902 Uh nice, i really enjoyed your first history video, definitely gonna watch this later :)
0.8908 That's great to hear :) And i have to say, i really enjoy you both as a team.
0.8847 Haven't come around to watch your episodes yet this season TFC, but it sure will be a pleasure now ;)

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-0.6361 there would have been some kind of war going on^^
-0.6124 I haven't found it yet, sadly there is no vod on the twitch channel, so i guess we have to wait until someone uploads it...
-0.5859 Phew, okay, than cleanup could sometimes be a hell of job, when i think of some of the crazy huge pranks...
-0.5823 If you kill nearby pigmen and don't reach spawn cap, there should always be the chance of ghasts spawning, if you don't stand to close the plattform they're supposed to spawn on.
-0.5667 As far as i know there isn't something like a public fanserver...some Hermits thought about that from time to time, but it's not that easy to manage and can take up quite some time.
-0.5574 Can't wait for that to come out, Hermit Wars 1 was really cool..
-0.5106 Damn, i miss monkey farm..
-0.4902 Haven't seen anyone dying to creepers as often as Anderpz xD And most of the time it's not even really his fault, it's just these goddamn sneaky creepers^^
-0.4767 Oh man, that's sad, didn't hear about it until now..
-0.4391 I really dislike this change from a gameplay perspective..
-0.4019 Dunno, i mostly assume someone has connection problems or whatever and may come back in a couple of minutes..
-0.4019 Sgt Cookie said in the discord chat some hours ago that he uses [GGServers] as a hoster..