/u/Ninja24 is very positive!

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45Overall Score
47Positive Score
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Most Positive Sentences

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0.918 Wow sexy and so very beautiful!
0.872 Youre welcome, beautiful :)
0.8718 Sweet dreams beautiful!
0.8658 You look like a beautiful angel sent from heaven.
0.8655 Love love this picture of you!
0.8576 Absolutely gorgeous and beautiful
0.8473 Mmm very sexy and so beautiful!
0.8422 You are absolutely gorgeous and adorable!
0.8402 Wow would love to lick you all night long.
0.8398 Amazing beautiful !
0.8356 Wow you look amazing!

Most Negative Sentences

Score Sentence
-0.6908 Ill suck you all night long babe
-0.5848 Fuck that is hot!
-0.5106 May I dick on your clit while you vibe your pussy?
-0.4404 I wanna suck on them all night long.
-0.4404 May I suck on them?
-0.4215 Ill have checkout your other posts.
-0.3612 If people dont think that then just ignore the posts.
-0.1027 Ill play with you
0.0 Mmm may I lick your juices all night long?
0.0 Older and bearded here
0.0 Nippy indeed!
0.0 Im awake now!