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0.9118 It would be lovely to have the option to relax and wander as a creature through the beautiful settings you've created.
0.891 It's an inspiration to see someone with enough devotion and love to go that distance.
0.8789 It's so surrealist and weird and pretty much perfect and I love it.
0.8655 It's a really weird premise, but if you get past the pilot episode there's a lot of really creative ideas and fantastic execution waiting for you.
0.8649 That definitely gives me a reason to keep an eye on that, and try to be more appreciative of what I've done well instead of frumpy over things I didn't. Thank you for sharing this!
0.8588 Keep a good supply of those on hand, 'cause they're gonna be incredibly valuable in the weeks to come.
0.8553 I wanna beeeee the giant awesome cool thing. [This is a thing]) that feels promising, though!
0.8519 For what it may be worth, as well, know that an internet stranger is sending his love as well.
0.8442 I frequently find myself wondering why there don't seem to be any good games that let you play something cool like a dragon or monster as the main experience.
0.8384 I can't imagine that something like a strip show would seem very interesting or exciting in the same ways that it might for someone who only really sees a naked body when it's sexytime.
0.836 There are some wonderful people out there who just need some help while they work hard towards getting better.

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.9169 Owww this site made my phone yell at me with that fake YOUR PHONE HAS BEEN INFECTED BLAH BLAH BHELHEHRHGH crap.
-0.8808 So many of us are subtly fed the impression that our bodies are somehow never good enough or wrong or bad, and I find it heart breaking that so many of us wind up ashamed of them.
-0.6369 I sense no awful here
-0.6259 I've heard nothing but amazing things about it.
-0.5719 Letting myself be negative about it can have an effect on more than just me.
-0.5574 Guild wars 2.
-0.5574 The shit I put up with." That face says it all
-0.5574 Holy shit. Wow..
-0.5423 was there a recognizable point where things switched from sort of a "the government is being silly, but it'll work itself out soon enough and it'll all be okay" to "holy shit this is fucking real"?
-0.5371 If he were making a statement of his opinions without trying so hard to seem like a big bad rough guy rebel man, then nobody would be batting an eye at this.
-0.5267 Maybe doodle on some arms making threatening gestures at the ocean too.
-0.5267 I figured someone fell off something and got hurt or whatever.