/u/Newo_the_Redeemer is kind of a dick.

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0.8519 Just eat something comforting, put on a comedy, and make a list of all the things that make you a great person.
0.8074 You're pretty awesome too.
0.7783 Yeah, it's definitely something men need to get rid of if they're going to conquer the outdated idea of jealousy being a sign of showing love.
0.7764 Yeah, it's like, what's so hard about respecting what people want to be?
0.765 That sounds like a great idea.
0.7335 Yes, I'm absolutely a bigot, but not a racist.
0.7184 I hope you're proud of your real history.
0.7096 There's clearly no way to get the truth through to you Nazis, so I'll let you all fester in your hug box/echo chamber.
0.6908 Yeah, we've been wanting peace for a long time.
0.6808 I got out, went to a good university, and got my degree, and I'm using that degree to help my people out from under the boot heel of white oppression.
0.6597 Oh yeah, a person would have to be a troll to care about black people.

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-0.938 Institutionalized racism is the reason there is so much crime in poverty stricken areas with a large minority population.
-0.9333 Even the dumbest redneck racist could see that there really isn't anything funny about this, and the only thing cringey about it is that white people really don't believe that this is racism.
-0.9136 Some were sold, but most were captured and forced into slavery.
-0.9117 Sure, some slaves were exiles of the tribes, but most were forcibly abducted and the women and children were raped.
-0.8779 And making this meme disregarding environmental racism is in itself a form of racism.
-0.8714 The only reason there is so much crime in Detroit is because of the poor living environments that blacks are forced to live in.
-0.8316 A lot were captured, ripped from their villages and their families, and forced into slavery.
-0.8316 There's no way you're a Nazi neckbeard defending racist stuff on the internet and lying about how important you are.
-0.8225 I've said it before: black on black crime only happens because of institutional racism.
-0.8225 That's why there is always racist shit on this sub.
-0.8079 Our people aren't looked at like the other races, so comparing us is a racist micro aggression.
-0.7951 It's fucking obvious racism, and you're part of the problem if you can't see that.