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0.7761 Honestly, I want to know: was getting kicked out of school and having your life plans altered REALLY worth it???
0.7269 As my public defender himself told me, "I've been doing this for over 20 years, and I can tell you - the search for justice and the search for truth do not always coincide."
0.7269 This is why retail workers deserve more than minimum wage. How many of you would allow someone to treat you like this for a mere $7.25 an hour?
0.7088 Jeff Foxworthy: "Ah, yes, the *portable* safe!
0.7067 That's what they all say, kid. *Yes, that is exactly what an innocent person who was telling the truth would say!!!!!!!!!!*
0.6705 When I was 9 years old, I had $60 in birthday money in a jar on the kitchen counter. A few friends came over to play SNES and later that evening, I realized the money was gone.
0.6542 Possessing narcotics like Vicodin and Percocet without a prescription was a felony.
0.6341 My kids aren't stupid enough to play in the road.
0.5423 Just imagine how many *other* innocent people would have ended up in jail because of her willingness to lie...
0.5411 I've joked "if any identity thief can get a credit card opened in my name, I'd love to ask them how they did it!" The only thing you'll get from me is student loan debt.
0.5411 "Your Honor, you can't send me to jail because I said I was sorry!"

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-0.9571 The sad reality is - things probably won't change until cops start dying as frequently as they kill. 60 cops killed so far in 2017 vs 712 civilians killed by police in 2017.
-0.9282 What the fuck is wrong with a parent who would blame their child for being the victim of abuse??? Why are so many people so seemingly willing to protect pedophiles?????
-0.8779 Especially after the Cheshire Home Invasion... I have no idea if you're in my house to steal the TV or rape my daughter.
-0.8549 I'm reminded of that Dave Chappelle bit: "How do they know I don't talk like that every day?" Stop talking like that! "Stop talking like what, coppers?
-0.8531 The cops nearly killed an infant, THEN BLAMED THE INFANT. Look it up for yourself if you don't believe me.
-0.8442 shoot someone for "walking towards you while holding something" and see if you avoid criminal charges.
-0.8402 Holy shit. And with roughly 765,000 police officers in America, the odds of a cop being murdered on the job is vanishingly small.
-0.8372 I myself have pled guilty to a felony I did not commit. The alternative was risking 12 years in jail if I couldn't convince a bunch of strangers that I was telling the truth.
-0.836 he died how he lived - acting like a stupid criminal Texas is the LAST place you should be bursting into private homes in the middle of the night.
-0.8225 "I feared for my life" is only an excuse to kill if you're a cop.
-0.8126 When they need to make the correct excuses to avoid criminal/civil liability for killing someone.
-0.7964 So, cops are in constant fear that every encounter even a traffic ticket could mean death.