/u/Mysthik is kind of a dick.

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0.9349 A mostly caring father on the other hand, that invests just enough into his children that there is a good chance for them to survive, has a good chance that his genes will stay in the gene pool.
0.7897 The surgeon was also quite proud of his work and said it was really fun operating on my dad.
0.7506 The genes of the caring fathers would be removed from the gene pool over time and the genes of the non caring fathers would also become less frequent.
0.7476 Obviously my dad talked with his doctor about it, but he said he shouldn't worry about it and that something like this can happen.
0.743 So it is in his interest to invest as little as possible into the children and mate as often as possible, to increase the chance of survival of his genes.
0.7184 So the mother and especially her genes have an interest in the survival of the children, so that the genes have a higher chance of survival and a higher chance to be passed down to new individuals.
0.7096 It mainly contains GP-related content but things like tournament-selection and roulletewheel-selection can be used in other GA as well.
0.6887 Even though it's manly focused on the theoretical stuff it'll make a lot of things so much easier.
0.6801 Well I really hope that he has some sort of backup plan, because he will definitely sees his mistake in a few years.
0.6652 The father on the other hand does not have this guarantee.
0.6369 Freedom of speech should end where it limits the rights of a human being.

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-0.9136 Viele Dual-Studierende die ich kenne haben es nicht geschafft in der Regelstudienzeit zu bleiben und bei denen die es versucht haben, haben die Noten darunter gelitten.
-0.91 He also had cancer with 26,wich is quite young, turns out he and his brother have HNPCC, a genetic disorder that can cause cancer.
-0.8885 Then a few years back his tumor markers were bad and the doc told him , that this is normal for someone who had cancer.
-0.8074 Since his organ was already damaged from the last time when he had cancer, he already had an artificial intestine exit, they removed the whole thing.
-0.7964 If you had cases with cancer in your family, especially ovarian and colon cancer, you should definitely think about a colonoscopy.
-0.7469 You are correct, 'das Mdchen' is neuter, but the word is the diminutive form of 'die Magd', which is feminin.
-0.7184 The unprofessional thing wasn't that he said something the problem was he said nothing.
-0.6597 I can probably provide you with at least another dozen studies, that indicate that smoking marijuana might be related to an increased cancer risk.
-0.6597 His blood showed some irregularities and since his brother had cancer 2 or 3 years ago he decided to ask his Doctor for an colonoscopy.
-0.6597 My dad had cancer and was diagnosed 3 months ago.
-0.6597 Since you are also quite young you should do yearly checks and if you have other familie members, who also had cancer, you should think about a gene test.
-0.6597 HNPCC for example can cause ovarian cancer, brain, colon,...