/u/Myassisforyou is very positive!

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Most Positive Sentences

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0.886 Ha yes the next bit was fun :)
0.8658 Yes please if I stay like this can you take care of me?
0.8481 Awesome bikini great work guys
0.8346 Tell us what you like best please!!!!
0.807 Message :) xoxo can't wait to hear!
0.7845 Thanks for the repost xoxo
0.7783 Nice ideas ;)) xoxo
0.7402 Hope me dripping wet didn't ruin the photo!
0.7003 A nice view from behind :)
0.6705 Thank you :) xo
0.6705 One of the best ever - creaming all over, we just want to lick it all up

Most Negative Sentences

Score Sentence
-0.3612 Can't wait I'll be messy
0.0 She is sluttypublic2 on tumblr
0.0 @ sluttypublic2 on tumblr
0.0 That's Feistylittleleopard on Tumblr
0.0 That's from - Fiestylittleleopard on Tumblr
0.0 Sounds naughty!
0.0 Oh really?!
0.0 I'll get hubby to film it all
0.0 I'd rather watch hubby eat it all up once your done
0.0 I know you would
0.0 I'll get hubby to lick it all up
0.0 I'll make hubby film then