/u/Mustaka is kind of a dick.

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0.8786 You guys don't give a shit about justice, you just want to make fun of women Seems to me like you are the one who lost here.
0.8519 Luckily I am prepared as my cardio is great and have loads of weapons.....oh wait....
0.8176 If I wanted to be a hardcore druggie and all my friends were druggies with lots of drugs and i considered them peers then yes they could help me along.
0.8074 However if it happens I will be sure to broadcast it over all the social media I can to get my fair share of internet sympathy instead of reporting it to the authorities.
0.802 Am used to the love :)
0.7906 I put up a sign saying "Free Dirty Burgers" and the fatties come looking for free calories because free calories do not count towards your input vrs output total.
0.7717 If you went through life trying to earn respect instead of demanding it you would be a much stronger and better person.
0.7446 So again yes peers are important to my success on such matters. Just because you have peers does not mean their help is not toxic to you.
0.743 However you are perfectly entitled to have a sub rule requiring all names to be edited out.
0.7269 However what always happens is some good conversations on whatever the topic at hand is.
0.7184 What you are saying is women can only be strong with the help of others.

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-0.967 It is not one story, or 10 but hundreds of false rape allegations that are happening because of lack of due process from title IX claims and the 'every one is a victim' rape culture BS.
-0.909 If I knew someone was the victim of a crime I sure as hell would not use their suffering in some shitty internet argument.
-0.886 Fortunately the legal system seems to be waking up to the problem and is starting to charge false rape accusers with felonies and not just letting them walk.
-0.8779 /r/lounge smells of the piss of a thousand reeking souless gingers with their pasty skin and evil eyes.
-0.8506 So when people show up and sling insults expecting a ban but do not get one like other echo chambers such as twoX it shocks them.
-0.85 Spam this sub again with this shit and I will forward to the admins for spam and self promotion.
-0.8481 That douche raped her sister and she is the victim now.
-0.8399 The worst thing about having reddit gold is the fucking shit hole sub /r/lounge.
-0.8393 The CPS has been under political pressure to prosecute more rape/sexual assault cases which needs to change.
-0.8313 Having to tell about the multiple times you have been raped over social media must really suck.
-0.8271 You feminists still consider her a freaking victim ffs. Modern feminism is about equality.
-0.8271 Get fucked you ugly heffer.