/u/Mrs_gault is very positive!

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Most Positive Sentences

Score Sentence
0.9422 Wow, such a humbling compliment from an amazing and beautiful poster!
0.8622 Wow, all my friends are coming out to play!
0.8622 Well I certainly won't have that much fun like this all by myself!
0.8619 Wow, love your legs!!
0.8439 Wow, you're gorgeous!
0.8122 Thanks, love!
0.8016 Thanks, gorgeous!
0.7983 OK, we know you love watching sports.
0.7579 Keep making me laugh and you might just convince me ;)
0.7371 I LOVE when someone whose name I recognize from comments pops up on ONDWW!
0.7269 What can I say, pleasing him pleases me.

Most Negative Sentences

Score Sentence
-0.7102 Damn I feel kinda bad about that.
-0.5983 Sorry ladies, I failed on this one!
-0.5719 Geez, I hate stereotypes too.
-0.4767 Unzipping too fast could lead to some unpleasant accidents...
-0.4003 I'm warning you though, I might wrap it around both of us!
-0.3769 God, you are such a freaking knockout!!!
-0.3595 No soup for you!
-0.3595 I've missed you, lotso!
-0.3412 One instance where bigger isn't better.
-0.2824 How did I miss this???
-0.1548 So perfectly round, and smooth, and...oh shit my panties are a mess.
0.0 Turning heads wherever you go.