/u/Mrkarlos is very positive!

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0.8975 I have seen some really nice desktops on /r/rainmeter but I like a very clean and abstract look and most of the top submissions are too 'busy' for me...
0.8748 This is a test!' print '' print '' And this seems to work perfectly. thank you for your time :)
0.8748 Thank you very much for all your help, you really saved me from a serious headache :)
0.8615 I will definitely install it when I feel more comfortable :)
0.8201 Might give it a try on my Windows partition, but I prefer the clean look that I have right now :)
0.8126 Thank you for this giveaway though and good luck to everyone else.
0.8074 Thank you very much for your responce though, it saved me from having a headache :)
0.802 Apparently 28K lines is not that much and it is perfectly possible to put in a dictionary :)
0.7506 Have been enjoying your content for a long time :)
0.7474 [Here's my Unity desktop] Yours looks really nice too :) How did you get that second bar on the bottom of your screen?
0.7351 I new to all this and it would help me a lot if someone could guide me through all this :)

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-0.4767 Or is my Js looking in the wrong directory?
-0.4767 I've broken my Ubuntu twice already...
-0.4404 this giveaway is madness.
-0.4019 that router looks insane
-0.298 Thank you for this insane giveaway OP!!
-0.296 No explanation needed
-0.1779 Maby consider some security, you never know what could go wrong at am event.
-0.1531 No problem, I recommend going to /r/wallpaper and /r/wallpapers and just browse top all and some of the wallpaper-dump posts...
0.0 Mafia 2 DMC Saints Row 3
0.0 It is purely marketed to gamers and it is mostly used for gaming.
0.0 What laptop model is that?
0.0 I'll have to change the save-location in my pythonscript then.