/u/MrMacTaco is very positive!

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0.9313 Phineas and Ferb Great plots, fun adventures and great music.
0.9201 Glad you like it, happy to have created wallpaper worthy work
0.9081 Awesome, thanks for the reply, its people like you that make this community such a good place
0.8879 What a save! What a save! What a save!
0.8834 Well, thank you, i'm happy you're enjoying my hard work
0.8777 I always loved this taunt so this clicks with me very well, this is amazing, keep it up.
0.873 Opened the picture in full screen, instinctually clicked OK and was rewarded with a zoomed in bum, lovely
0.8442 [This] is MrMacTaco, the super duper generic future trooper with his best pal Kat, the cat
0.8439 Alternate universes like this never even crossed my mind, really neat to read, kudos to who ever thought of this.
0.8384 Thanks, I really glad you like it
0.8271 Sounds like fun, thanks for the reply

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-0.9266 I just can't let this go without saying, but the 4th Clone to die starts falling back before the lightsaber even hits, HOW DO YOU MESS THAT UP WITH CGI?!?!
-0.7351 To my understanding, I think its because kids would't associate Star Wars, Castle or Nexo-Knights with real world conflicts.
-0.6908 If not, why is there a "kill cam" icon for it?
-0.6597 I'm not going to lie, I felt my heart skip a beat when I clicked Devil
-0.6124 Soldier 76's "5 4 3 2 1" quote only take 4 seconds, I feel betrayed
-0.5574 Anyone else getting a Star Wars vibe from those tracers in the distance?
-0.5316 I'm not 100% sure what is going on here, but could someone clarify for me, is this guy an asshole who is smurfing for shits and giggles or is he doing to prove a point?
-0.4541 Looks like buddy lost some weight too, it's a shame he didn't toughen up to plasma shots though
-0.3863 By all means, that was my mistake, I wouldn't want to spread false information
-0.34 If I recall correctly, the scope is in the base game, and the gun is from one of the RHS mod packs.
-0.296 Can you have repeating pilots if their generic no names, ie: Red Squadron Pilot, Green Squadron Pilot, Black Squadron Pilot, etc.
-0.2895 After reading these comments, I feel like my 13 mags, 5 frags, 3 white smoke and 20 bandages and morphine sticks is very, very wrong.