/u/Moonsters is kind of a dick.

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0.9042 Guys I think we're going down the old is beauty truth or is truth beauty rabbit hole here
0.836 If you act like this about everything you do in your life I'm sure you're just a great person to be around.
0.8132 You're the type of guy that lawyers laugh at, you're the chump who thinks because he didn't do anything wrong you won't get in trouble.
0.8122 It saved a lot of time and I felt like a very efficient person for awhile.
0.8018 All of a sudden we have supreme confidence in our law-enforcement personnel not to screw this up too?
0.7484 Hey guys lets feed some blood to the sun god so he's happy!
0.7269 Or, you know, pretty easy.
0.7003 Hope next week is better.
0.6979 Id man, if it's not illegal then why not cover your ass?
0.6652 no joke, it helps a ton and it's a viable replacement for all opiates that's cheap and won't destroy your life.
0.6626 "SO brave" asshole.

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-0.9217 She suffers from severe anxiety because you suffer from severe anxiety.
-0.8935 She is going to pressure you into doing things continually in your relationship until it makes you so sick and apathetic that you get a divorce and regret ever meeting her.
-0.8885 Its a shame you had to give a non retarded kid such a retarded name.
-0.8885 Sorry dude, but there is no rape culture in the west.
-0.8807 Go fuck yourself with your worthless bullshit.
-0.8415 overall this is not an ideal situation and it almost certainly is not going to meet any fire code so if you're sick of it OP just call the fire department
-0.8271 I think it does a disservice to a lot of people and is one of the reasons so many people end up depressed and even killing themselves.
-0.8255 Oh, your mom died so you got a tattoo of her face, how absolutely fucking trashy and degrading to your mother.
-0.8201 Don't post this shit on here you idiot.
-0.7965 She sounds fucked up, and you're not strong enough to deal with that right now.
-0.7964 We live in a shitty world, cover your ass.
-0.7964 Forget it, you made a mistake and you need to cut your losses.