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0.936 At first I had the problem that my friends didn't noticed there is a trophy rain but I tested it, and you are right it is a bit to long, like I force the player to enjoy the trophies :D ..
0.8777 [Version with sound] :) Wish you all a great day!
0.8718 Hope it's ok, and of course I wish you all a nice day guys !
0.8674 Thanks :) I used to use AE for simpel tracking but i always ended up doing it myself frame by frame, it is quite time consuming but I am ok with it :)
0.8531 Ha thanks :D
0.8286 it looks delicious :D
0.8174 Thank you, yeah in the middle of the work I regretted my choice a bit, but I saw this three times in the request thread so I had to :D
0.8078 And due to only my friends who know there are different modes played the game, I totally missed out to ensure the clarity of the buttons..
0.8034 I think I will edit the posts on tapastic and webtoon :D thanks!
0.7959 Wish an awesome day guys !
0.7959 Wish you all a great day!

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-0.8428 As ice and water do one another no harm, So life and death, the two of them, are fine.
-0.7783 I actually thought about getting one of these but after my first bonsai "tobi" died I feel awkward to replace him..
-0.7294 I didn't thought you are not nice, thanks for the critic!
-0.692 The only advice I could give is to spend a unreasonable amount of time tracking it manually if it doesn't look good :D but besides that I have nothing special to offer.
-0.5994 A telling analogy for life and death: Compare the two of them to water and ice.
-0.5423 I think my problem was that I assumed that people spend enough time to get it but that was probably a bit naive.
-0.4215 When you look in the dictionary you get a translation but you have no idea if it's a word preferably used by old people, kids, students etc.
-0.4215 Of course nothing with a celebrity or fancy CGI, but maybe a stop motion clip which explains the game.
-0.3182 So I decided to learn how to use After Effects instead of spending so much time on boring manuel tracking.
-0.3182 I found the [source video] literally 10 minutes ago and noticed how boring the part is I doddled on :D..
-0.3182 Whatever has died is sure to be born again; Whatever is born comes around again to dying.
-0.296 No I think all tutorials one need already exist.