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0.9186 Beautiful beautiful drawing, I love the tone.
0.8908 I love the rich colors, thank you!
0.8834 Kids are a great source of drawing inspiration, lol.
0.8555 I agree there are great neighborhoods, our new house is on the Dobson Ranch area, which is nice.
0.8519 I love it, great technique and style.
0.8519 Great embellishments, I love it.
0.8516 Wow, I love this!
0.8442 This was 2 years ago, and we definitely have him a nice tip and a thank-you note. My family growing up always gave the mail lady a tip, gift, or card during the Christmas season.
0.8236 74 days later, OP sees your awesome drawing and says THANK YOU!
0.8122 Sweet, this is awesome!
0.8115 Thanks so much, I love it.

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.8567 Block, block, BLOCK.
-0.7932 I'm very artistic, but sadly, my job is artless and boring.
-0.7261 It took several years to disentangle him for my life. I initially told him he was making me uncomfortable but eventually had to completely block him after his incessant invasion of my life.
-0.5574 Now that would be some shit.
-0.5411 He's a menace!
-0.5255 I have two spleens! Found out a few years ago after a car accident that there is a 'wandering accessory spleen' in my body that just kinda floats around aimlessly.
-0.4767 And she's in Arizona, poor thing.
-0.4678 This might sound like a rude term, but I now refer to him as a 'pity friend'.
-0.4574 Ah, those damn TPS reports!
-0.4404 They're unattractive and EVERYWHERE.
-0.4023 That does not look comfortable.
-0.4019 A blind man reading the news?