/u/Moirawr is kind of a dick.

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0.9578 Sorry everyone but conforming to patriarchal beauty standards and selling your body for men's pleasure is literally supporting patriarchy and the opposite of "empowering" in any meaningful sense.
0.8222 I won't stop anyone from wearing it, but pretending its not oppressive is stupid, that's literally what its used for.
0.8176 Its ok that these women want to wear these things, because it makes them comfortable and gives the illusion of protection, it may help them survive.
0.8173 This was not a man who believed in a watching God. But on the other hand people are really good at deluding themselves....
0.7906 What fairy tale world do you live in that prostitution is all fun and games with happy willing women?
0.7867 Its a little unbelievable how they bend over backwards to protect predators. Its not wrong, or hysterical, or paranoid, or bigoted, for women to want to be protected from predators.
0.7717 Amazing series I hope it get another title.
0.765 It's like calling yourself a communist and talking about how great capitalism is.
0.7508 Don't you know a hypothetical man's precious feelings are holy and not to be insulted?
0.7469 Lol I was going to tell you "according to femininst academics" but it looks like they included it in the article. Patriarchy is a system of power with men at the top and women at the bottom.
0.7269 I have a good friend who is going to be a surgeon.

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-0.9559 These are exactly the types of arguments that justify prostitution, fgm, unwanted pregnancies, domestic violence, rape, abuse, etc.
-0.9404 Even if I think someone is completely wrong and misguided I'm not going to laugh at their suicide, holy shit!
-0.93 Legally Blonde is actually a good example of this, as the antagonist was painted as an ugly bitch as a counter part to the dumb slut persona.
-0.9231 Raping women to they can feed themselves and their kids or their drug habit or whatever is fucked up and wrong.
-0.8957 Attractive women are stupid sluts and unnatractive women are ugly and bitchy.
-0.886 If you were really concerned about this, you would look up rape statistics and discover rape is really common and false claims are really uncommon.
-0.8807 I thought he was another mra concern troll blaming rape victims, happens on reddit all the time.
-0.8624 From what I've seen all the pressing on this issue has done nothing good for trans people except to undermine the movement and expose people to more violence.
-0.8555 Dehumanizing women, buying or selling them like objects, is fucked up and wrong.
-0.8553 Having an opinion? "stop it mommy thats my favorite singer and I'm crying because you're a meany!" -your dumb ass right now.
-0.8481 Rapist and pedophiles claim trans status in prison so they will be housed with women.
-0.8398 How dare you hurt a rapists feelings!