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0.9422 One of my exes used to make fun of them and was a bit self-conscious for a time as a result, it truly makes me happy when someone noticed them and likes them so thanks
0.9081 Aw that's honestly appreciated so much \^-^ I'm glad you like my big legs as well, I know people like chunky legs but there's *chunk* and then theres ***chunky*** :P
0.8519 Aw thanks sweet you're too kind
0.8462 Thank you, the sandals came from an Esty girl in Greece who makes footwear for the beach, but I like wearing them when I have friends over or on picnics \^-^
0.8442 Hahaha thank you, it's a thing I've had since I was a kid because I literally did look like a dude back then, but I was a pretty tomboyish girl...
0.7964 Always love me some Mila Kunis <3
0.7936 Well I couldn't say no to a fellow Goddess, especially a lot of beauty such as Alice
0.7906 I hope you enjoy this album of my sweaty soles and smelly feet straight out of my oldest running shoes \^-^ Your Goddess as always, *Miss Aphrodite* ~x
0.7713 I mean I'm *really* into dominant lesbian women having their way with me and I like freaky fantasy stuff like vampires and demon girls, this right here really plays ball in my court though <3
0.765 It's a pleasure to be back Lotus, thanks hun
0.7574 Oh wow even if it's not set to be done soon I'm excited!

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-0.5574 Something just awoke inside me holy shit.
-0.481 They're especially soft in this damn heat
-0.4215 It's a sad thing indeed, but one of the many tough parts of life that gets thrown at us.
-0.3595 *"What a sellout!"*-- no, that's not the case.
-0.296 Long time no see guys and gals, how's it been?
-0.296 The funeral was a few weeks back and for a number of reasons, it has both taken me longer and not as long as expected to "get over". Needless to say, this took a lot of time out of my schedule.
-0.25 I guess the thought just stuck
-0.2023 Well even on the cleanest if floors my soles find a way to dirty up
-0.1531 Did ya miss me?
-0.1007 I'm really not a good writer when it comes to these things though but that's the gist of what I want to read
-0.0772 Well at the beginning of April, my Grandmother unfortunately passed away so I have been taking some time out to deal with that.
-0.0516 They can be clean or dirty