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Most Positive Sentences

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0.872 "It's perfectly fine, your planet is beautiful senator"
0.8519 "Excellent, This sounds like a fantastic agreement"
0.8442 "Yes we have better natural night vision then most species"
0.8176 The Chiss ascendancy wish to see you safe and I have set up a safe house for you in the redoubt"
0.8126 "A Pleasure, I hear pantora is a wonderful planet"
0.8126 Thank you kindly for your support
0.7269 "Indeed, I was interested in your cloning facilities as well, would it be possible to clone mynocks to synthesize a stomach acid solution for melting metals?
0.7184 "Approx 10,000 men, a small fleet for mainly anti-starfighter duties and a technology sharing agreement, In return we offer an alliance and the resources of the ascendency"
0.6908 "Thank you kindly, I look forward to working with you"
0.6697 I fucking love you guys
0.6124 "So far it would appear favourable, The CISIA tried to court us but we felt an allegiance with them would not be to our benefit"

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.8176 *Sev Hyperspace jumps in aboard The Griffon, a Chiss Assault Cruiser leading the small fleet of 30 ships made up of assault cruisers and carriers*
-0.6908 "I have been contacted by an individual asking for the murder of Senator Moro of Umbara"
-0.6249 "I will keep my eye's and ears open to any contact from these terrorists"
-0.6249 "and what are these terrorists called?"
-0.5423 If you go around the very back there is an entrance that goes up and down allowing you to flank in 3-4 directions on the enemy point from behind IIRC
-0.5423 They're still bad for legacy tbh
-0.5423 Fuck they took it down
-0.4588 Gotta go watch the sins episodes emergence and chaser series back on inside gaming, also rogue warrior
-0.4404 Oh Hell yes
-0.296 No look again, its got the old school helmet and jet pack
-0.2732 Our troubles with pirates have weakened us and our want to trade with the galaxy at large has driven us to seek cooperation and friendship with the rest of the galaxy