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0.9118 I am a major fan of classical music, I enjoy travel , a political junkie, and love inventive food and good wine .
0.8794 I don't know about ridiculous but I am pretty amazed at the range of backdrops that I see in our recorded video evaluation.
0.8741 I can only speak for Minerva, where I can assure you that free speech -- even the voices of conservatives -- is very much alive and well!
0.8658 Asking me to choose my favorite bass player is like asking me which of my kids I love more...
0.8655 By respecting and being open to students opinions, we are all really encouraged to reflect on what kind experiences we want to have while studying here.
0.8622 Thanks for your interest and kind words!
0.8519 Among the many differences I have experienced, I think that Minerva has provided me with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to establish links with many wonderful cities.
0.8442 We want to prepare students to be leaders well-equipped to solve problems, and make a better world for us all higher education is a powerful vehicle for creating change and instigating progress.
0.8313 Of course, the reward is the absolutely amazing views.
0.8271 Instead we administer our own online assessments that give us a stronger indication of an applicants abilities like analytical thinking and creativity.
0.8271 And many other universities don't offer those kinds of conditions and attract and retain fabulous talent.

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-0.7964 Too bad he died so young.
-0.4588 Higher education is a cautious sector but as Minerva grows and demonstrates our results in larger and larger scale, universities will have no choice but to reform.
-0.4588 Ive seen mountains in Peru, bedroom walls with pop star posters and siblings arguing.
-0.4404 When I started Minerva I knew that so-called need blind institutions were actually discriminatory against the non-uber wealthy but I had no idea just how much.
-0.4404 So much of what employers worry about in other non-traditional paths doesn't apply at Minerva.
-0.4341 You still have a while to apply so no reason to rush :).
-0.4019 Problems?
-0.4019 There is a formal part of education that should give high potential individuals the tools to tackle complex problems.
-0.3867 It's just not true!
-0.3595 As they put it, it was a "startup university" with no alumni or longstanding history!
-0.3491 So far, things have very much been going according to plan but we can't assume that the future won't hold surprises--we're sure it will.
-0.3412 I don't have that kind of power--and don't think it's a good idea for anyone to have that kind of power.