/u/Mickflynn39 is kind of a dick.

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0.8807 I also love to have a good drink when out with friends. I am FAF .
0.872 Wasn't my question but you did give a good answer. Fair play.
0.7902 She would be far more successful if she was half as good looking as she thinks she is.
0.7735 Pension funds, trusts & banks are not people. It matters not who you vote for Sparky, the government always wins.
0.7534 Yes he should even though he didn't rape her.
0.7351 Carbs are great for energy.
0.7096 You should not judge all guilters by what I post. It's a good job we don't judge all truthers by the utter drivel you spout. Just be grateful I've given you all a heads up.
0.6908 Society should not put up with letting scum like that enjoy the fruits of life. I'd also execute his parents for being such disgraceful role models.
0.6841 You look for any reason to discredit KK as if this shows Avery is innocent.
0.6808 Avery intelligent, humorous response.
0.6784 It will be accepted gracelessly and all will be forgiven. I can't say fairer than that. Now get on with it will you!!!

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-0.9607 What a silly statement. According to you all anyone needs to do to avoid a rape charge is destroy the victim by fire. There is plenty of circumstantial evidence that Avery raped her.
-0.9337 Given that he knew he'd be going away for the rest of his life for rape he decided to kill her as at least then he'd have a chance of getting away with the rape. Got it?
-0.9322 Also the disgraceful way she maligns RH really makes my piss boil. I for one will not ease up in my ridicule of the evil witch.
-0.9274 Can i just say you are one dumb motherfucker. No wonder you were a truther for so long, as you are as thick as fuck. Sorted.
-0.8834 He planned to kill her after he raped her.
-0.8834 What gives you away is that you twist what I say to try and and make a point and fail miserably. Pathetic.
-0.875 If anything, they should be skinny as fuck as they aren't getting enough nourishment as a punishment for their crimes. IMHO there are far too many fat prisoners.
-0.87 WTF is he afraid of? If he passed one I as probably one of the most hardcore guilters would seriously start to doubt his guilt.
-0.8625 You're asking for it!!! What is it you don't understand about penultimate final warning? I demand an answer . Get on with it FFS!!!
-0.8446 Answer the damn questions FFS!!!
-0.8433 Duh!!! Also he was a slam dunk murderer.
-0.8364 They are all ludicrous. The biggest unfounded planting theory of the lot has even been debunked by Zellner and Avery FFS!!!