/u/Mercyfulfate is very positive!

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0.8979 Hahaha I'm treating two of my best friends to tonight's game.
0.8617 As a huge west wing fan and fanatic about the dark tower I salute you, great find!!!
0.8516 Haha yea the show is still one of my favorites, also enjoy reddit gold sai !
0.851 Hahaha Ohh your ps message left me with such a huge smile !!!
0.8271 Sounds great and as a huge Carl Sagan fan I had to own this.
0.8221 Pretty awesome !
0.8217 Hope you had a great time!!
0.8199 I would fully agree with you but there are some vinyl bootlegs out there that are just awesome.
0.8172 Best of luck to everyone!
0.8074 Pretty awesome find the vinyl it's self is green and they only pressed 100 of them, all tracks are live from the BBC.
0.802 Haha I just love that you have it sitting on a copy of "Other colors"

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-0.6597 If you're having problem with connecting error, just go to settings
-0.6229 Stranger connected! Stranger: 17 m USA with Kik CleverBot: *hits with truck*. Stranger: fuck off Stranger disconnected!
-0.5695 You didn't offend me so no worries, it was a valid question.
-0.466 I really couldn't be happier with the way they turned out.
-0.4215 I've been broke for quite some time now so the amount of records I buy has dropped big time.
-0.296 SlightlyMadman I've gone to Burning man for the past six years that in it's self is no reason for me to get a tattoo of it.
-0.296 Nope has no vac tubes in it.
-0.126 I'll just leave this here for science ! http://spankbang.com/aceu/video/harriet+sugarcookie
-0.0772 Soo if these are reposts I'm sorry, I searched and didn't find them.
-0.0772 If this doesn't answer your question then I'm sorry.
-0.0258 Are you sure they are not just crouching or laying prone after they shoot you ?
0.0 2017-04-04 01:37:35 UTC