/u/MephistophelesTheDog is kind of a dick.

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0.8387 At the same time the acceptance of facism as an acceptable postition enables the people in power to spread it even more, trying to gain more political power.
0.7964 I don't need to check your comment history to know that Trump supporters love their Stefan Molyneux memes. All you've brought to the table is just a strawman.
0.7783 Seems to fit that definition pretty well.
0.7579 You're literally defending nazis, the type of people that was responsible for millions of deaths and would love to do it again.
0.7543 Sure, the motive is still profit, as is everything these days, but it might still be beneficial for the workers.
0.7521 Wealth is not oppressive, the lack of workers control at the workplace is.
0.7506 At some point you just have to make up your mind: Do you support nazis right to free assembly and speech, or do you want to prevent them rising to power through the same old fearmongering?
0.7337 And they won't extend the same courtesy of freedom to you as you do to them.
0.7184 Ancaps *wish* for a certain state of society, then *assume* certain axioms to lead there, declare them as true and go with them.
0.6834 The only reason the US isn't as bad to leftists as it used to be, is that leftists don't pose a threat to the ruling class anymore.
0.6808 They tried keeping good relations with the SU because of trade, oil and military support against the west.

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-0.9042 You can't beat someone who is willing to lie, censor and incite violence without using violence yourself.
-0.8658 Weapons of mass destruction and self-replicating robots for everyone, how could this possibly go wrong?
-0.8297 They don't care about facts, they don't care about rights and they're willing to commit mass murder.
-0.802 They rose through populism during and after the financial crisis in 1929, while the general population was suffering from uneployment.
-0.7901 The means of production were in private hands, the industry boomed and they even killed all those pesky leftists!
-0.7783 Poor people pay low to no taxes.
-0.7506 Do you expect those victims to hold back physical violence while facists try to turn the system itself against them?
-0.6908 They used the Schutzabteilung to murder opposing forces, even before the rise to power happened.
-0.6597 You can feel the bloodlust seeping from their posts, they'd take any excuse to kill someone.
-0.6597 They want to kill people and are using their speech to achive that goal.
-0.6597 I'd rather not wait and let "the people decide" if millions should be murdered, especialliy not when the facists and their sympathizers control the media.
-0.6501 There is a difference between not being certain about details and "who the fuck knows?".