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0.9231 They have pretty much accepted that he will never go back to Mormon "church" or be temple worthy, my parents on the other hand still hold out hope that I'll become a nun
0.92 Thank you for the response, I really love this girl, she is still one of my favorite friends from college.
0.9042 I do just feel bad that I am sapping her time with a small party but maybe that is just irrational. Thanks for the hugs :D
0.9006 My caterer is amazing and texts me to relax and not stress, she is hilarious!
0.8957 Sounds like redeeming them for flights is going to be the best value then, even if we have to maybe be patient and not use them on this vacation in particular which is definitely doable.
0.8856 If anyone else knows, feel free to let me know as well! We definitely plan on using the referral links to help others out!
0.8765 I asked another user this too, but I'm curious about your input as well if you have a minute. What's your opinion on Amex's Hilton Honors Surpass card vs.
0.8522 I LOVE IT thank you!!!
0.851 Thank you for this, I'm glad it gets better!!!
0.8295 Yeah, I always love the responses like "not sure why you are so interested in our sex life, but we don't plan on having sex to make babies!" This is a more PC alternative ;)
0.8268 It will be, but it will be worth it to make the parents happy and to eat more wedding cake!

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-0.69 My prayer isn't going to cure my aunt's cancer!
-0.6486 Since I put that stuff down though, I have only seen one already dead roach in almost 3 months.
-0.553 Aw man, I'm sorry you're having so much trouble!
-0.5106 We've learned a lot about scheduling and how they can dick you over + what you can ask to be compensated for.
-0.4847 It's not super expensive so even if it doesn't work, it won't have cost you an arm and a leg.
-0.4767 Then when it doesn't happen they can be sad for us ...
-0.4724 He said no!!!
-0.4585 I've already learned that the saints I thought were incorrupt aren't actually incorrupt perfect bodies at all, blew my mind.
-0.4019 We are in Hawaii currently and hot damn it's expensive.
-0.3802 If you are desperate for something, you might need to pick up something temporary just for now!
-0.3802 No worries at all, it is definitely something to think about if you are not going the travel tech route!
-0.3612 Prayer is just crazy to me - my mom is constantly asking me to pray for this or that inane thing and I just want to scream.