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0.961 So I want to share what I do xD I just never want to be one of those "OMG I made a mediocre video subscribe, like, comment, buy my T-shirt, please love me" kind of YouTubers *shudders* haha
0.9558 I've been so impressed by Southampton this season, it's great to see a club relying on talent opposed to money and proving games can be won in the right way. haha
0.9384 D: I've literally lost 150 hours in the past week haha, but you and your team have created something truly amazing, Thank you so much for all your hard work.
0.9221 Thanks man :3 I really appreciate it, I'll be keeping it updated :D
0.9217 I'm happy I could help :) I've literally been playing for 8 years haha
0.8955 Amazing! It still sounds like an opening to a Cheesy 80's sitcom, I love it.
0.8953 That's where all the different possibilities come in, and where I think it's really interesting to look in to how you can make your scenarios more efficient and profitable ;D
0.8885 Wow what xD Thanks
0.8852 Thanks for the reply, it seems like quite a promising party.
0.8834 It did that for 4/5 seconds then was fine, it was the Camera angle that triggered it for some reason xD it's just interesting, thankfully nothing's wrong :3
0.8777 To be honest, a bigger map might be best as there always be something for you to expand your network to!

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-0.9195 is?" Guy 1: "Oh god no, you didn't?" Guy 2: "HOW WAS I TO KNOW, THERE'S NO POINT OF ORIENTATION" Guy 1: "FUCK FUCK FUCK, NO, MY DREAMS, MY HOPES, MY LIFE.
-0.7935 Can we please also ban the "Secret Tunnel" and "Fuck this Shit I'm out" songs? Honestly 90% of this sub is people who read it as "GifCommentary" instead of "GifSound".
-0.636 No problem dude!
-0.6124 Oh crap, now you tell me :/ I was just finishing Chapter 6 of the 420 page analysis of the connotations I was trying to portray with this video. DANG IT.
-0.5791 There are a few cycle paths here or there, quite a few parks near the city centre but roads in general aren't really cycle friendly.
-0.4588 I just use the Cheat Menu to roll back a few hundred years now and then , the actual game time without this would be about..
-0.4574 Yeah no problem!
-0.4023 Hmmm I don't know :3 I'll have to consult the Fursuit Council ~
-0.2887 I'm pretty impressed that the Mariokart subreddit is popular enough for troll posts xD Bit childish but no harm done really just ignore and move on :P
-0.2411 But boats would work in principal, Planes I'm not sure about..
-0.1531 2700 or so, it's near impossible to NOT do this and keep the timeframe somewhat realistic, I don't feel I'm properly cheating by doing it :)
-0.0243 I'm not xD want the Save File?