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0.9437 as we played I won the first 2 games but the match for the finals is a best 3/5 so I still had to win one more game.
0.9054 :D [I'm a cat ok] Another good cat video :D [GUESS WHAT TIME IT IS?!] This guy is my idol
0.8903 if you would also like to play HotS I would be more than happy to play with you!
0.885 The original is my favorite RPG of all time so it was like the first Vita game I bought :3
0.8798 You really are awesome for doing this :D solar system Steam ID: http://steamcommunity.com/id/mcwmcwillis Game: Half Life 2
0.8779 "Mario Party is a good game to play with friends" -My Brother
0.8625 I am in hero mode right now..I am wondering if I can play through the game again on that file after finishing hero mode?
0.8619 I won the set 3/2 and won the whole tournament without ever even losing a set.
0.8454 it's a very fun game alone and even better if you have a group of friends playing together.
0.8436 Company of Heroes 2 Please! Thanks for giveaway!
0.8126 then after that I won the 3rd game and won the set.

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-0.7275 but if you don't enjoy grinding for materials then I wouldn't recommend this game at all.
-0.5542 so my sick mother was left to raise 3 boys and we would go to a local grocery store to get grocery with money other family members had given us.
-0.5499 but it did give the same error message as my laptop.
-0.5106 And if I have to live with back pain for that then I'm willing to
-0.5071 I'm not really sure how I feel about it, if I don't have any suggestions by the time I get up tomorrow I might just end up getting it cut again
-0.4939 What or who got you into heroin?
-0.4927 The game starts you off with all of your skills and basically gets rid of the farming phase that really ruins the early game of league and DotA.
-0.4767 I think Mad Max: Fury Road has a pretty solid soundtrack
-0.4753 everyone couldn't believe they were getting beaten by a first time player!
-0.4717 how do you organize a solar system....you **PLANET**..... *hahahaha...hahaha I'm not going to win this*
-0.4023 I never enjoyed this game very much.
-0.3818 farm gold, get items, fight.