/u/Marshmeowllow is very positive!

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0.946 :) hope you enjoy it here, and best of luck with getting settled in.
0.9072 I spend a lot of my time playing video games, but I also love going out for drinks or to hang out with friends.
0.9062 2539 :) yay good luck everyone
0.9047 :D Super cute!
0.8932 (: Best of luck to you!
0.891 It's nice because I feel like Accutane is encouraging me to start really focusing on eating better and working out more.
0.8779 Meownobii, 19, I'm on a lot and love laughing, let's party up?
0.8715 Congrats and good luck with the last month!!
0.8588 I love Marshmallows (: Especially with some Marshmallow creme on top!
0.8553 haha (: Thanks!
0.8516 So things have been pretty nice for me :) Yayayay!

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-0.9538 Instead it counted as a double kill plus another kill :( This would make it almost impossible to get like a super kill or a larger kill streak if you don't even get enough time to reload.
-0.8588 If I get 3 kills in a row that all show up on the feed at the same time, that should count as a triple kill!
-0.7351 I did :( it says failed to connect to partners device.
-0.7345 I hate ground war. **Microphone:** Yes!
-0.6815 Sorry to hear about your father :( I do realize liver health is very important, and I think the 3 nights out of 4 made me sound bad.
-0.6369 :( **Preferred mode:** Typically TDM, but I'll play anything EXCEPT Ground war.
-0.4939 Hmm :( it's giving me an error message
-0.4767 :c or maybe my body is just really different.
-0.34 I didn't know about that at the time, so I just have sold it accidentally.
-0.294 lol c: I worded that so badly.
-0.0772 I guess I'm just surprised to see no changes yet.
0.0 I came to Tucson 4 years ago for my undergraduate.