/u/Marrymemilo is kind of a dick.

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0.8397 New here but really hoping this subreddit isn't full of Hillary supporters and there are some other fans with brains. I brought this up because of the S9 cast reveal.
0.7845 NEWSFLASH libtard there are MILLIONS of youn ggay trump supporters like me and we all think things like this.
0.7003 It happens every season. Yes, there have been black winners.
0.6841 First I am LOVING Sasha.
0.5719 It's a known fact that the prettiest, most fashionable and "best" queens are white.
0.4767 So because I am a patriot and am proud of being white it means I'm a nazi.
0.4588 Glad Trump is president maybe he'll send you all back home, or at least not let you on TV.
0.4466 I was OK with Tyra.
0.4215 But Bob the Drag Queen is a perfect example.
0.4215 Only want opinions you agree with.
0.3612 sorry you can't handle other opinions must be nice in your little hillary or bernie bubble.

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-0.8442 Loud mouthed ashy terrible makeup steals jokes just because I hate Bob doesn't mean I don't belong here.
-0.8404 He looks dirty, He's not funny , He's just a poor excuse for a drag queen.
-0.802 Drag isn't even American get the fuck out of here with your liberal lies.
-0.765 Oh shut the hell up with that propaganda.
-0.6995 You guys actually waste your time reading drama because your lives are so boring?
-0.6808 I hate him, he is exactly what a drag queen should not be.
-0.6597 Oh I get it you're probably a shit skinned dirty smelly n*gger Hillary supporter who can't deal with differing opinions.
-0.6037 Another example of negroes trying to STEAL things that aren't theirs.
-0.5927 Sorry you like to live in your little hillary bubble, but bob is a n*gger look at his ugly ape face.
-0.5688 But you're probably so butt hurt because you're a n*gger too.
-0.5423 Guess it's a crime to have a different opinion these days.
-0.4956 Glad to see someone who advocates for violence because they don't agree.