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0.9337 Who knows how useful this app will be, but either way, I'm excited to see a huge company like Facebook build an app that makes good use of gestures and animations.
0.875 The BNR Guide will teach you core concepts nicely and Ray's books are great for staying motivated.
0.8402 Other queries about the Volume Purchase Program for App Store apps and government have come up with little information. 1-800-MY-APPLE looks like the best solution for now.
0.8172 Best of luck to you!
0.8172 Best of luck!
0.8126 You get that awesome transition and background dimming for free with this library.
0.8126 You don't need hardware, don't need to know PHP or SQL, it includes lots of great tutorials, and it's free .
0.8122 Haha, that's so awesome.
0.7964 As long as developers follow those best practices, I think this technology can be used for good.
0.7906 I'm excited to see how you'll expand the size of your projects as your confidence grows working within the 7-day constraint.
0.7906 It's easy to use, has a relatively up-to-date code base, and looks great.

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-0.9332 Unfortunately life gets in the way, so a planned 2-hour block would turn into a 1-hour block or a 5-hour block would turn into a 3-hour block.
-0.6588 That stretch from A to C was brutal!
-0.6307 When assets aren't perfectly optimized for your uibutton size, I use the Attributes Inspector to adjust edge insets.
-0.6124 At the same time, some people are terrified of a day when they walk down the street and get UINotification spammed by every business they walk by.
-0.5994 No problem.
-0.4939 Basically, you can steal in-game currency from people when you get close enough to their phone.
-0.4215 I generally tried to set aside 2-hour blocks for learning 3-4 nights during weekdays , and one or two 4-6 hour blocks on the weekend.
-0.4019 After deleting and re-cloning the repo I'm still getting the same error.
-0.3412 Learning to build apps is not easy.
-0.296 It provided us with the gravity tools we needed to stop on a specific picture and let the user quickly scroll through the feed.
-0.296 If you only used Ray's tutorials, I think you'd be missing out on how to build your own Core Data data store and an explanation of objective-C syntax.
-0.2732 The Drop app that the digitaldisruption article speaks about was made by a different team.