/u/Makinbuttshurt is a total dick!

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0.8171 They were beautiful people and never ambushed and killed anyone.
0.765 As an interesting side note; a smoking hot Caribbean chick got blow out on St Thomas Island by this mandingo brother from Harlem and that is why the world is blessed with musical styling of Prince.
0.6369 It's people like you who make me wish that the Internet was never designed nor implemented.
0.5859 Neither one can win.
0.5859 The boys and girls club do amazing things.
0.5574 Supreme dictator
0.5574 Martin Luther King Jr was a positive force.
0.5574 Here's the thing, to sit there and believe that the Black Panthers were a positive force is enough to make me dismiss you.
0.5106 Are you free to walk among the rest of us?
0.5106 I left for school every fucking day without breakfast and my "free lunch" card in my pocket.
0.4939 Not a single hand job given....

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-0.926 Their mere existence gave racists, of that time, a place to point to and say "dem niggers are no good." nobody is claiming horror and violence didn't occur.
-0.91 Stop being a prison bitch moron.
-0.891 They were murderous thugs plain and simple no different in their hatred than the KKK.
-0.8633 I don't know what a glory hole is but I'm gonna put my dick in that hole and see if someone sucks on it.
-0.8555 Not at any serious point was he known for violently murdering people.
-0.8534 I have a lot to say about the positivity of the boys and girls club but I absolutely refuse to bring that into this bullshit.
-0.8439 Btw, your bullshit of telling people it's not possible is FAR more destructive than my grandmother's stand that it is.
-0.8387 I mean really tossing that shit around like a die in a trouble bubble.
-0.8316 I hope you die a painful death for making that analogy.
-0.7906 Go fuck yourself for what I watched my family pull themselves from. Go fuck yourself. Edit: Oh boy my Internet points are going down.
-0.7845 In the middle east with no ties to a terrorist organization
-0.7783 Fuck the child molester.