/u/Magikarp_yams is kind of a dick.

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0.836 But my mom likes Obama, thinks he's a pretty good stand up guy.
0.8126 That black fingernail on the dad gives another dimension to the love and care he has for his son.
0.8074 Any single guy would happily bang a white, model figure, perfect 10 if she was the one to initiate.
0.6697 Your looking for Dark Mage, it's also a manhwa. http://www.mangahere.com/manga/dark_mage/ to anyone else curious, it is a very good read.
0.6486 Again I know this isn't 100% but really you have that short skinny asian friend don't you?
0.4215 "An English girl comforted by her doll in the rubble of her bomb-damaged home in 1940."
0.3612 Check it out if you like fantasy mixed with martial arts.
0.3612 This is because asians, like others have mentioned, have a very homogenous type of culture.
0.1531 And he wishes to disassociate himself from being mixed with Cambodians.
0.0258 Because they specifically reach to the address of the website specified in the warrants.
0.0 A little similar to ID but not much.

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-0.7964 But in this situation where you know criminals are gathering in this specific location, and know their intent of purpose is to break the law. There is no coercion, there is no entrapment.
-0.7516 The FBI finds this illegal store and takes over the front of managing the door, so that any criminal that knows the password and enters is tagged, just like in any sting operation.
-0.6956 I'm not going to pick apart your post piece by piece, I'm just going to give you my general perspective of this racist attitude.
-0.687 I can't say for sure why B hate Cambodian girls.
-0.6705 yeah this part can all be just bullshit, but its my 2cents. So now to the second point of Insecurities.
-0.6597 Or maybe this is just an association that big and fat people are generally lazier and ignorant, etc.
-0.6597 My mom and dad hates black people, and would always tell me how they are lazy at their work etc.
-0.6249 Not all black people are ignorant and rude.
-0.5719 Roomate A is insecure about dating people outside of his race because he has insecurities about his own self worth to them.
-0.5719 I have never seen my parents hate on someone based on their race, before asking what they do for a living. TLDR; ASIANS ARE MORE LIKELY TO BANG DOCTORS, LAWYERS, & ENGINEERS, ETC.
-0.5574 There are literally generations of oppression and wars etc, that are ingrained into each different asian society from other asian societies.
-0.5423 This is literally catching bad guys in the act.