/u/Mademoisellepeachy is very positive!

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Most Positive Sentences

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0.9392 Haha thank you, I'm hoping they look up too :) Hope you're doing well!
0.9347 That's so sweet of you <3 Always a pleasure enig-ma, hope you're doing well!
0.9331 It's been a very difficult year, but I'm hanging in there :) Thanks for all the love and check ins!
0.9142 Haha I'm flattered that I don't need a picture to get a nice comment and a hug <3 I have been probed...but not by aliens ;)
0.8984 Thank you :D Great to see you again!
0.8957 Happy to spread some love if I can <3
0.8702 Aww haha I don't know about that, but I'm glad to give your month a boost!
0.8369 Well the world could use a little extra love today <3
0.8225 It's been a rough week, glad I could help <3
0.8172 Haha I love you guys here too!
0.8088 Very sweet of you :D

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.4753 They broke through the blanket!
-0.3595 Missed you guys too!
-0.1419 Normally I don't like my life rough, but in this case...
-0.0258 Yes sadly it comes with the territory.
0.0 Why hello there Mr.
0.0 Hey I remember you too!
0.0 Slowly, but I'll take it!
0.0 What did they say??
0.0 Hello smilers!
0.0 We shall see!
0.0 I'm a silent guardian.
0.0 A watchful protector.