/u/Macx1111 is very positive!

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0.9081 It's wonderful :) you guys must use a good camera too lol
0.9062 Great play on words :) lol
0.8779 Please do more "Cum Inside Me" scripts, cuz you saying that is all kinds of goodness lol :)
0.8356 This is a lovely pelfie ;) hope you do more in the future too!
0.8313 Congrats on the new sub! That is a great tail plug.
0.8225 Wow, your belly/hips look amazing in that photo...
0.8176 Wow, you are wonderful.
0.8147 You're so fuggin great lol
0.81 I was just about to say this lol Great camera.
0.802 Love your posts :)
0.802 Would love to be entered :)

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.743 Holy shit, you're fine as fuck.
-0.6372 He shouldn't have free reign or be doing certain things after cheating.
-0.5983 Cheating scripts!
-0.5362 What has been your favorite photo set, vid, or experience to shoot so far? Do you know that you were quoted on an online article regarding these little children who were stealing from tourists once?
-0.4514 We probably won't ever get to fully see your goodies, but damn if I don't hope everytime I click that spoilers reveal ;P lol
-0.4184 Missed ya lots!!
-0.4019 Damn, she's hot
-0.3595 No spoiler!
-0.2732 Low waisted jeans on women will always be preferred by men.
-0.1531 No nudity in the GIF but it's still turnin me on...
0.0 r/datgap though
0.0 Any outfit of the day will do, but maybe in different positions?