/u/Mach1_85 is very positive!

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Most Positive Sentences

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0.9501 I find you super cute, like awesome girl friend material. You'll have no shortage of male interest!
0.9391 Cheers :) So glad this short week is half way done! Hope yours is humping along well ;)
0.9181 You look like so much fun! I'd love to play
0.9117 Good on you for giving RAOBJ a shot! I hope you have a awesome time.
0.9042 Happy afternoon on this lovely Sunday :)
0.9018 You have such wonderful tits!! Thanks for sharing them :)
0.8972 I wish I could lent a hand or two! You look absolutely amazing!!
0.8943 Good news for your viewing public haha Have a few more drinks please :)
0.8904 You have some gorgeous boobs!!! Wish I had some to handle this hump day arvo :)
0.8889 Kind of sexy, more incredibly cute :)
0.886 Perfect, just perfect :)

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.7906 Such a shame you woke up alone :(
-0.7097 Don't forget sexy as fuck!
-0.68 Screw the bras, that lip bite is to die for!
-0.5859 ;) You're a dangerous distraction
-0.5255 That's a shame, you should really have some company!
-0.4404 Can you suck on your fingers or a dildo?
-0.4199 It's horny and lonely tonight!
-0.1644 I was really hoping your username was a city location haha Real shame, but you are damn fine!
-0.1531 Your lips though, they made my cock pulse and my heart race
-0.0772 That's funny cause I'm desperate for pussy, tits, lips, tongue and everything in between
0.0 Anytime you request it! Who wouldn't turn you down?
0.0 Taking requests?