/u/Maammaries is very positive!

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0.9129 First, you're sexy =) SECOND, I really really love the look of your tattoo!
0.8845 Since I see you'll be in Vegas you should check out Ichiza off Spring Mountain, it's a great izakaya that also has super yummy honey toast Simpler than that one, but sooo good!
0.8775 4,3,6,7,2,1,5 for me 3 would look really cute with a more flattering pair of frames and styled hair, and I'd love to tongue-fuck her between those thighs
0.875 I wish I'd see more content I hadn't already read before on here, but I guess that means I've got a pretty good selection of subreddits
0.8316 (: Oh yeah, and you're sexy af girlllll
0.8313 Hahaha I totally understand your reasoning but omg that would be amazing!
0.831 And I'd love to know where you got those panties, they're really cute!
0.8225 I feel pretty good about my subscription choices, because I feel like I always read a comment at its source a few hours before I see it again here on DepthHub.
0.8172 Best of luck to you too, hun!
0.795 And I never heard of What Katie Did, but that looks amazing!!!
0.7906 I love that subreddit so much. The rest of your points are true.

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-0.7528 I have sad little 34Bs, so I desperately need some silicone!
-0.5423 I seriously just searched your history trying to find one in vain hahahaha
-0.5423 Omg, your ass defies gravity.
-0.5106 Do you dress/act slutty?
-0.4939 That's mostly all I do...I want the ass, not the thighs and calves.
-0.4939 I'm mad jelly.
-0.4559 Your ass is amazing!! As a girl who has trouble finding jeans that don't squash my booty...
-0.296 Strangely, they haven't posted a review yet, despite it being out for a month now.
-0.264 Seriously, how has that not happened yet??
-0.1531 I've been wanting to get a lower back tattoo but I haven't seen a design I really vibed with.
-0.1232 I'm not 100% sure, but probably a run-off river.
-0.1007 Sexy as fuck!