/u/MVLSNZ is very positive!

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41Overall Score
44Positive Score
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Most Positive Sentences

Score Sentence
0.9117 Gorgeous body, super sexy!
0.91 Super sexy, would love to lick down your chest
0.872 Stunning in black and white, super sexy
0.8553 Stunning fit, tight body, absolutely gorgeous
0.8519 If you're in the dark with me, I'd definitely love to play ;p
0.8481 Gorgeous pussy, would love to dive in
0.836 Delicious, would love to bury my face in it
0.8356 Sexy petite body, love the subtle curves!
0.8304 Very sexy, lovely tight body
0.8147 More than welcome beautiful
0.8059 Absolutely gorgeous, wish I was behind you

Most Negative Sentences

Score Sentence
-0.5848 That ass is made for bouncing!
-0.5423 Definitely ass, but there's no guarantee that I'd stop there
-0.3818 Maybe you should try it on your stomach too, so we can see dat ass ;)
-0.2942 Stunning ass!
-0.1776 Nice little ass!
-0.1007 That sexy ass going up and down a dildo!
-0.1007 Damn, your body is stunning!
-0.0258 I would too if I had an ass like that ;)
0.0 Only if you show me how naughty of a girl you've been!
0.0 Just a bit
0.0 Not quite the orifice I'd be aiming for
0.0 I think I might be able to provide what you need...