/u/M1972 is very positive!

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25Overall Score
36Positive Score
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Most Positive Sentences

Score Sentence
0.7845 What a good girl making sure his shirt stays clean.
0.7316 Very nice, he's a lucky guy
0.6588 Number 5, wow!
0.6588 Great googly moogly!
0.6588 That's awesome!
0.6588 I see 2 great promo pairs!
0.6476 Good god the second one is hot!
0.6476 Outstanding!
0.6476 Outstanding detective work!
0.6476 Outstanding body!
0.6476 Gorgeous figure!

Most Negative Sentences

Score Sentence
-0.7506 That's one weak ass cumshot, get it together man
-0.68 You're title is dead on!
-0.6597 Mobile cancer
-0.5848 Holy fuck that's hot!
-0.5719 Oh, I though she was just retarded
-0.5423 Her ass is legendary
-0.5106 The tube he's holding under his dick
-0.4215 The goiter neck, the fact that her breath stinks like rotten pussy or the extra chromosome?
0.0 Just spell it how it sounds
0.0 Taylor Stevens
0.0 She's incredible!
0.0 Oh my word!